About the team

We are a group of freshmen at Del Norte High School in San Diego. As time in quarantine went on, it became impossible for us to fathom that people were out there risking their lives to protect us while we did nothing to help. To help with the cause we combined our skills in web development, social outreach, and 3d design to create and distribute a product to help 'flatten' the curve. More information on us below.

Andrew Zhang

Outside of school, Andrew enjoys playing soccer and piano. His hobbies include reading, biking, and listening to music, and his favourite subjects are math, science, and reading.

Nick Genovese

Nick is a freshman at Del Norte High School. Nick plays for Del Norte freshman soccer team and also enjoys playing basketball on his free time. When Nick grows up he would like to become either a doctor or veterinarian.

Rishi Peddakama

Rishi attends Del Norte High School and has a great interest in CS. He hopes to move into the realm of data science for a career. His hobbies include playing guitar, and soccer.

Jerry Wu

Jerry is a freshman at Del Norte. In his free time Jerry likes to cook, run, as well as practice karate. At school, Jerry's favorite subjects are science and math.